Saint Lucia Citizenship

Saint Lucia Citizenship

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The Government of Saint Lucia has developed and implemented a program that allows foreigners to obtain a passport for investing in the economy of the country. The procedure for acquiring citizenship is regulated by ‘the Citizenship by Investment Act’ of 2015 and the ‘Citizenship by Investment Program regulations’ as supplemented in 2016. The right to receive the passport of Saint Lucia together with the investor is granted to his/her close relatives. Acquiring the citizenship is possible when investing in one of 4 approved areas:

Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

Approved real estate project investment

Purchasing government bonds

Approved enterprise project investment

Saint Lucia citizenship acquisition

The processing of the citizenship by investment is possible only through special authorized agents of St. Lucia Government by place of residence of the applicant. International Expert company is a certified representative of the Caribbean country and will help you to become a holder of second passport. The benefits of choosing St. Lucia investment program are:

  • Acquiring a passport without physical residence in the country and knowledge of the language

  • Accelerated application processing time – 3-4 months

  • Retention of native citizenship

  • Applying for participation without personal presence

  • Flexible system of investment options

A foreigner has the right to apply for Caribbean citizenship if compliant with the following criteria:

  • Age over 18 years
  • Confirmation of the health status by a medical certificate
  • No criminal record in any country worldwide
  • Absence of prohibition for entering the countries having visa-free agreement with St. Lucia

Together with the main applicant the citizenship can be granted to:

The spouse

Children of the main applicant or his/her spouse in the age under 18

Children aged 18-25 years, who are full-time students and are completely dependent on the main applicant

Parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his/her spouse in the age over 65 years old, living together and completely dependent on the main applicant

Children or parents of the main applicant or his/her spouse, of any age, who are physically or mentally handicapped

Getting a Saint Lucia passport
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Investment areas for acquiring St. Lucia citizenship

Saint Lucia National Economic Fund Contribution

St. Lucia Citizenship St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

The Government of Saint Lucia has established a special fund to support government funded projects in accordance with paragraph 33 of ‘the Citizenship by Investment Act’. The Minister of Finance annually receives approval from the Government to use funds for certain purposes. After clarifying and approving the area of financing, the investments from the fund are distributed.

For getting citizenship the foreigner must conduct an irrevocable contribution in amount of over 100,000(one hundred thousand) USD. While including close relatives in the application, contributions are increased and are:

USD 165,000 - the main applicant with the spouse

USD 190,000 - the investor with the spouse and 2 children

USD 25,000 is paid additionally for each following applicant.

Approved real estate project investment

Investment Program Launched Saint Lucia Passport  Duel Citizenship

The government of the country regularly reviews and approves a list of real estate projects for the investment program. The bulk of the offered facilities are:

  • Respectable hotels and resorts

  • Boutique-style hotels

The applicant for citizenship must purchase a property preapproved in advance by the government, valued at least USD 300,000. Registration of ownership rights, application processing and state taxes are paid additionally. Return of investment is possible after 5 years.

Approved enterprise project investment

St Lucia Passport Saint Lucia Immigrant Investor

The Chamber of Ministers provides investors with a list of enterprises possible for business registration. After choosing the desired direction, the government takes the final decision on the approval of the project. You can develop business in the following areas:

  • Restaurants

  • Ports, bridges, roads and highways

  • Cruise ports, berths

  • Scientific research facilities

  • Agricultural crops reprocessing factory

  • Offshore Universities

  • Pharmaceutics

After the approval of the project the Government allows applicants to deliver an investment for citizenship acquisition. The minimum contribution amount is:

USD 3,5 ml. - for a single applicant

USD 6 ml. - for two and more applicants (the minimum contribution of each applicant is USD 1 million).

Government Bond Investment

Obtain Saint Lucia Citizenship Citizenship Invest Saint Lucia

The investment program of Saint Lucia provides for the possibility of obtaining citizenship for the purchase of government bonds. The minimum amount of capital investment in securities depends on the number of applicants and is:

USD 500,000 - for one applicant

USD 535,000 - the main investor and his/her spouse

USD 550,000 - the main applicant with the spouse and 3 children

For registering every additional person, who are fully dependent on the investor, USD 25,000 is paid additionally. Retaining the registration of the government bonds in the investor’s name within 5 years after the purchase is an indispensable condition.

Additional government taxation

In addition to the principal amount of investment, paying additional fees is an indispensable condition for obtaining citizenship:

  1. Due Diligence fees if investing to Economic Fund and property:
    • USD 7,500 - for main applicant
    • USD 5,000 - for spouse
    • USD 5,000 - for each family member over 16 years old
  2. Governmental fees for processing of the applications:
    • USD 2,000 - the main investor with/without his/her spouse
    • USD 1,000 - for dependents (incl. children under 18)
  3. Irrevocable administrative fees if purchase of government bonds
    USD 50,000
  4. Fees for approving the investment to the real-estate or enterprise project:
    • USD 50,000 - for main applicant
    • USD 35,000 - for dependents aged over 18 years
    • USD 25,000 - dependents under 18 years


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How to acquire the citizenship St. Lucia

the application

The process of registering the citizenship of Saint Lucia begins with the signing of the contract with our company. We will analyze your documents and select the most profitable investment area.


The lawyers of our company will prepare required application, fill in necessary forms, prepare certified translations of the documents and carry out procedure of apostille in compliance with St. Lucia legislation requirements.

of the documents

Submitting documents for citizenship is possible with advance payment of fees for processing documents by state authorities of Saint Lucia. We will help you to carry out payments of the required state fees and will register you for obtaining Caribbean passport.


ST. Lucia Government expertise your documents for compliance with legislation conditions. The procedure for confirming the reliability lasts up to 3 months.

an approval

After the inspection of the documents special Commission for Citizenship approves the implementation of the principal amount of investments and issues Citizenship Certificate after this. On the basis of received document we will process St. Lucia passport for you.

Advantages of second citizenship of Saint Lucia

  • Freedom of travel

    With St. Lucia passport you can travel to over 120 countries of the world, including Schengen States, UK.

  • Simplified taxation

    The Government exempts investors from taxes on business income, property, inheritance and other fees.

  • Confidentiality

    The Government of Caribbean country ensures keeping the information of granting of the citizenship to a foreigner full confidentiality.

  • A positive return on investment

    The investor has the right to rent out purchased real estate or to sell it within 5 years after the purchase.

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